The Sun Was Setting

The first few months of 2018 has been a busy commission season.  I have been working on several custom abstract oil painting for clients in the midwest and on the east coast.  This past week I varnished one of these painting commissions in preparation for shipping.  It is titled "The Sun Was Setting".  

The work was commissioned by a client who works for a St. Louis law firm.  She wanted a custom painting for her office.  We talked about her personal aesthetic and aspects of my work that she finds compelling.  Our discussion shaped the palette used for the commission.  The painting incoroporates many of the pinks, mauves, and blue/grays observed at dusk, that darker stage of twilight.  

The Sun Was Setting, oil on panel, 20x10in.

Working on these recent commissions has been an enjoyable experience.  My clients have opted to commission paintings without preparatory sketches.  Instead, they have embraced the thrill of surprise.  I'm thankful for their affectionate responses and an exciting experience.