Colorida Gallery Show - Miraculous Escape from Customs

Hello readers.  The seven paintings that I shipped to Colorida Gallery in Lisbon Portugal have been stuck in customs since they arrived on October 6th.  In my last post, I expected the worst.  I must extend a big thank you to Rosemary of Colorida Gallery for assisting with customs and ultimately rescuing the paintings.  Yesterday they cleared customs and earlier today Rosemary retrieved them from the post office, just one full day before the opening.  

So, it's with excitement that I can say that the show will open on October 18th!  Curator Jose Roberto Moreira describes the paintings beautifully in the show invite, which I have translated for you.  If the show is successful, I hope that it will be the first of many at Colorida Gallery.


Translation from the Colorida Gallery Invitation: 

The work of Canadian artist Benjamin Murphy exudes sensitivity and invites the viewer to reflect.  The artist breaks the dependency on the figurative and combines colors and compositions with smoothness and accuracy.  The boundaries between one color and another arise spontaneously and are finished in a process in which body and mind work in communion.  Benjamin Murphy lives and works in Chicago, United States.
-Jose Roberto Moreira, curator and gallerist, Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

Colorida Art Gallery

COCKTAIL DE INAUGURAÇÃO: Sábado, 18 de Outubro, pelas 19h00

Os trabalhos do artista canadiano Benjamin Murphy exalam sensibilidade e convidam o observador a reflexão. O artista rompe com a dependência do figurativo e combina cores e composições com suavidade e precisão. A fronteira entre uma cor e outra nasce espontaneamente e é finalizada em um processo em que o corpo e a mente trabalham em comunhão. (José Roberto Moreira, curador e galerista). Benjamin Murphy vive e trabalha em Chicago, Estados Unidos. 

PATENTE ATÉ 31 DE OUTUBRO DE 2014, das 14h30 às 18h00.

Costa do Castelo, 63, Lisboa
Tel 218853347

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