Benjamin Murphy is an emerging artist based in Stillwater, OK.  Born in Toronto and educated at Canada’s University of Guelph, the artist focuses on abstract painting.  Before moving to Stillwater, Murphy lived for 16 years in Chicago, IL, and for 2 years in Beaumont, TX.

Today his studio practice centers around abstract imagery.  Looking inward, Murphy explores balance and the corresponding human struggle to maintain equilibrium.  In life, relationships, emotions, and events beyond our control try and throw us out of balance.  Using formal elements, he creates visual responses to this conflict.  This painting challenge offers a dynamic range of potential experiments that can be explored.  These include color interactions, compositional/spatial qualities, and brush stroke or mark-making choices.  He use color to communicate emotion.  Gestural lines and brush marks cultivate rhythm and motion.  Hot and cold, light and dark planes of color interact to generate friction and tension.  “I rely on these formal elements to convey meaning to the viewer.  In my work, you will encounter a sense of movement - visual pushing and pulling, hiding and revealing, and dramatic juxtapositions.”  

While Murphy’s approach to painting has its roots in Abstract Expressionism and Lyrical Abstraction, there are two artist today that hold his attention; Christopher Le Brun and Fabienne Verdier.  Exploring the human experience through painting requires a sense of adventure, and the willingness to experiment. 

Murphy’s work resides in private collections throughout the United States and Canada.  His work has been shown most recently in Stillwater, OK, and Beaumont, TX.