Color . Expression . Rhythm . Atmosphere



Benjamin Murphy is an emerging artist based in Stillwater, OK.  Born in Toronto and educated at Canada’s University of Guelph, the artist focuses on abstract painting.  Since moving to the United States he has lived in Chicago, IL and Beaumont, TX.  In 2017 he began to practice painting full-time, and moved to Oklahoma in 2018. 


Using line, color, and form, Murphy creates rhythmic, atmospheric paintings.  “Every mark contributes to the swirling dance of undulating shapes, lines and colors.” He is interested in the psychological effect of color.  Kandinsky wrote, “A warm red will prove exciting, another shade of red will cause pain or disgust through association with running blood.  In these cases color awakens a corresponding physical sensation, which undoubtedly works upon the soul.”  Murphy uses these tools to look inward and reflect on the human condition through painting. 


While his approach to painting has its roots in Art Informel, Abstract Expressionism, and Lyrical Abstraction, there are two artist today that hold his attention.  Christopher Le Brun’s newest body of work shifts from figurative to abstraction.  Each of his paintings is about the tension between covering and revealing, and finding the right response to a feeling.  Fabienne Verdier combines eastern artistic practices with western expressionism.  After studying with old masters in China for 10 years, her work embraces the eastern tradition of painting vertically.  By making her own large brushes and suspending them with a chain mechanism above the canvas, Verdier has devised a physical painting method that produces gestures of explosive movement.


Murphy’s work resides in privet collections throughout the United States and Canada.  His work has been shown most recently in Portugal, Beaumont, TX, and Stillwater, OK.